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One-Time FCU Cleaning
*Fan Coil Unit

We offers both a one-time general aircon servicing or yearly maintenance contract at an affordable price.

Yearly Servicing & Maintenance Contract (4 times yearly in every 3 months)

$10.80 offer, free gas refill and free transportation entitle to our regular yearly contracted client.

Overhaul & Chemical

Our professional team use only the best cleaning method and care for overhaul chemical wash.

Aircon Installation

Only Jiaxing proved 5 years Warranty for DAKIN MITSUBISHI aircon system.

Repair Aircon Circuit Board

We carry out repair work for your aircon circuit board.

Troubleshooting of Aircon Faulty

Our dedicated team offers checking and rectification of aircon fault(s).

Job Scope

Clean and Wash Front Panel and Cover
Clean Air Filter
Clean Water Tray
Clean Cooling Coil
Clean Drainage Pipe
Greasing of Fan Motor in Evaporator Condenser Units (when necessary)
Check Condenser Operating Pressure
Check Refrigeration Level
Check Wiring Connection
Check Starter
Check Drainage System
Test System

Aircon Servicing

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